This device is included with selected models only!


Hurricane Multimedia Speakers

Two-piece multimedia speaker system.

  • Specially designed for use with multimedia computers.

The Hurricane system provides you with two 4W (RMS) desktop or monitor mounted stereo speakers.

Installation Instructions

Before installation make sure that your computer and your monitor are powered OFF.

  1. Connect the right-side speaker's output cable (light-brown connector) to the left speaker input socket (see illustration below).


  1. Connect the Line-out cable (lime green connector) to the Line-out jack on your computer (see illustration below).

Power Supply

Power supply connection

  1. Plug the power lead (purple connector) into the AC socket situated on the rear panel of the computer chassis (see illustration below).


Mounting the Speakers on Packard Bell Monitors

Certain Packard Bell Monitors are equipped with slots for Hurricane speakers. Hooks can be folded out from the sides of the speakers (see illustration below). These fit into slots on each side of the monitor. Carefully thread the hook into the top of the slot, then slide the speaker down until it fixes in place. If no slots are visible, then position the speakers as desired on your desk.


Hurricane general specifications: